Prepare the way of the Lord


The Jesus Is Lord Church’s theme for the upcoming 34th Anniversary.  We’ll be celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness to our church. this is one of the most anticipating event of every year of being a JIL Member.

what I’m looking forward in every JIL Anniversary is the message itself, on what does it mean when we prepare the way of the Lord. I know there will be revelations and miracles.

Every time I attend the anniversary, it seems like there’s no other things that matter except for worshiping Him and listening to His Word. I don’t feel hungry and I tired, but I don’t mind. I’m gonna sing and dance for Him. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. Matt. 26:41b

about the Anniversary its amazing to know how the management prepare for the amazing anniversary every year. God truly gave wisdom to them, even the production, the choir, worship leaders, instrumentalist, preachers, greeters, dancers, media, etc.

Just like the busy preparation for the anniversary. we, too, must be busy preparing ourselves, our hearts, on what God will do, on what God will show us and to prepare for Him to have the way in this generation.

when i see the crowd of worshiper raising their hand to heaven while singing the worship song. I know God is the place, touching every people who earnestly seek Him with all their heart.

and I know that when I raise my hand to my King, while singing, I’m touching His throne and He is in me. its always been a great feeling to worship the Lord with the fellow people who love God.

Days from now, the annual celebration of Jesus Is Lord Church’s Anniversary is going to take place. I’ve never been excited.

Thank You Lord for this excitement, I know You will never fail this expectation, May Your will be done in everyday of our lives. No bad weather, No Distraction, no bad things that will fall out. You’re always been in control in everything. Unto You We Trust. Amen.








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